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Compliance Corner: First Quarter 2008

Compliance Corner is Now a Separate Publication: Consumer Compliance Outlook

In the second quarter of 2008, look for the inaugural issue of Consumer Compliance Outlook, a brand new Federal Reserve System publication dedicated to consumer compliance issues. This expanded publication will include articles written by senior level supervisory staff from across the Federal Reserve System. Consumer Compliance Outlook will have a national perspective and will include features such as:

  • In-depth articles on consumer compliance topics
  • On the Docket: current court cases
  • Compliance Alerts
  • On the Calendar: upcoming conferences and events
  • Resource links to websites related to consumer issues
  • View from Washington

If you are a current subscriber to SRC Insights and Compliance Corner, you will automatically receive Consumer Compliance Outlook.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and are not necessarily those of this Reserve Bank or the Federal Reserve System.

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