As part of our commitment to transparency, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the other Federal Reserve Banks have adopted a common policy for public requests for information. The Transparency and Accountability Policy seeks to simplify and standardize the Federal Reserve Banks’ public information request process. Questions about the policy may be sent to either the email address or mailing address below. A link to the policy can be found here.

Submitting a Request

All requests for Records of the Bank under the Bank’s Transparency and Accountability Policy must be submitted in writing to the Bank’s Transparency and Accountability Officer, Joshua Silverstein, by one of the following two methods:

By email to:
(Note: We are unable to accept files attached to email submissions.)

By mail to:
Joshua Silverstein, TAP Officer
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Ten Independence Mall
Philadelphia, PA 19106 

Each request must contain the following, or it may not be processed by the Bank (the Bank will advise the requester if the Bank determines that the request is improper):

  1. The name and address of the person filing the request, and a telephone number at which the requester can be reached during business hours;
  2. A sufficient description of the records requested so that Bank staff can identify and locate the records without undue difficulty;
  3. The name of any pending litigation to which the request relates, and the court and its location; and
  4. The agreement of the requester to pay the Bank for any fees owed in accordance with the Fee Schedule contained in Appendix A to the Bank’s Transparency and Accountability Policy, or a request for waiver of such fees.*

* A request for a fee waiver must include the following (fees that total less than five dollars ($5.00) will automatically be waived):

  • A clear statement of the requester’s interest in the requested document and the basis for the requester’s claim that a waiver of the fee is appropriate;
  • The use proposed for the document(s) and whether the requester will derive a benefit, monetary or otherwise, from such use;
  • A statement of how the public will benefit from the information; and
  • If specialized use of the information requested is contemplated, a statement of the requester’s relevant qualifications which would justify specialized use.