We thrive on great teamwork. Beyond offering benefits like comprehensive health coverage and a pension plan, maintaining a strong culture is one of our secrets to success, and we work hard to ensure that each of our team members feels connected, valued, and engaged in their work at the Bank. It’s why many of our employees have built their careers here and have also enjoyed mentoring others along the way.

The Philadelphia Fed is a place where everyone can contribute, build their skills, grow their network, and take advantage of unique opportunities to serve the Third District.

Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion is central to our work and one of the main reasons that each year, we use the Corporate Equality Index — an industry benchmarking tool for workplace policies, practices and benefits relevant to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees — to guide us and hold us accountable. This index not only focuses on policies but also extends to additional programming and educational efforts that are essential for a truly inclusive culture. We’re proud to have earned a perfect score every year since 2018.

While there are several programs and initiatives that support our D&I priorities, two of our most impactful are the Employee Resource Groups and the Diversity Council. A more comprehensive look at how employees participate in and lead these initiatives is below.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-created and -led groups with a shared goal of cultivating a more inclusive and diverse workplace. ERGs improve Bank culture, foster a sense of belonging and connection to each other, and drive innovation, which are key to being a great place to work. Each ERG offers offer a broad range of personal and professional development opportunities, as well as ways to engage with communities in the Bank and System, and throughout the Third District.

Additionally, ERGs provide these benefits:

  • ERGs connect colleagues across functions and departments and help to strengthen their members’ inclusive leadership skills — a key focus of the Bank’s philosophy of growing leaders at all levels.
  • ERG members provide an important voice for employees with Bank leaders. By offering a unique view into employees' experiences, ERGs allow Bank leaders to better understand employee concerns and work toward collaborative solutions. In addition, Bank officers who serve as executive sponsors of ERGs benefit from the broad perspectives that members at all levels provide, which helps the leaders make informed and inclusive decisions.
  • ERGs assist in broadening the Bank’s recruiting efforts among underrepresented groups, including women and people of color.
  • ERGs increase employee engagement. Those involved in one or more ERGs report higher satisfaction in their work and working environment.

More than one-third of the Bank’s workforce participates in one of the Bank’s seven ERGs. Each group offers a unique perspective but always maintains a welcoming environment to anyone interested in participating. They are:

  • the African Heritage ERG and the Asian-Pacific Heritage ERG, which explore and celebrate employees’ common heritage;
  • the Working Families ERG, which provides support for those serving as caregivers;
  • the Veterans ERG, which connects those with military experience;
  • the Freedom ERG, which supports and connects members and allies of the LGBTQ community;
  • the Women United ERG, which brings together those interested in women’s issues; and
  • The Talent Forward ERG, which helps employees develop leadership skills and grow their careers.

ERGs regularly host events and activities for members to participate in. Whether joining to connect with colleagues that have similar or even different life experiences, ERGs are a great way to enhance your experience at work and support the Bank’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

I am humbled by the opportunity to lead a group that provides a voice of diverse thinking and action. Our African Heritage ERG is an inclusive environment where employees can contribute to change in the workplace and thrive.

Dawn Le Cato 
Dawn Le Cato
Senior Information Risk Analyst and African Heritage ERG Chair,
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

The Diversity Council

The Diversity Council is a vital link between staff and senior leaders. The Council maintains open lines of communication with those making key decisions so that everyone’s voice is valued and heard, especially on complex issues. The Diversity Councils hosts events and activities designed to educate and spur discussion on important topics, particularly those related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and brings feedback and follow-up questions to Bank leaders for consideration. Having staff members dedicated to listening and advocating for others and ensuring leaders are armed with diverse perspectives when making decisions is key to how the Fed fosters an inclusive culture.

These are just a few of the ways that the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia creates a work environment where employees feel supported and engaged as they grow and develop in their careers.

If you’re interested in joining our organization, visit our careers page.