Subject: Electronic Notification of Circular Letters


On September 1, 2001, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia will put into operation a faster, easier, and more effective way for you, and others in your institution, to obtain and act on our circulars.

Under the new system, we will transmit to you an e-mail message notifying you that a new circular has been issued. The e-mail will provide a link to the circular. You will be able to print as many of the circulars as you wish, and, if you have an internal e-mail network, you can electronically forward the alert to those in your institution most directly involved in the subject matter. If you have any questions about the circular, you may send an e-mail to or call him at (215) 574-6568. You, and anyone else in your organization, may subscribe to this service. It is free, and we encourage you to sign up now. We will continue to send your institution printed circulars by mail until August 31, 2001.

In order to subscribe to this service, please visit the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's Web site at:

As a reminder, please note that information on amendments to regulations is readily available through the Board of Governors Web site ( and complete, updated regulations can be downloaded from the Government Printing Offices Web site (

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Donald James, manager, regulations assistance, at the e-mail address or telephone number listed above.