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Consumer Finance

Working Paper

Household Mortgage Refinancing Decisions Are Neighbor Influenced

WP 21-16 – Can social influence effects help explain regional heterogeneity in refinancing activity?

Occupational Mobility Explorer

The Occupational Mobility Explorer allows users to examine how workers’ skills could transfer to similar — but higher-paying — occupations. Findings are available for the 33 largest U.S. metropolitan areas.


Aruoba-Diebold-Scotti Business Conditions Index

An index designed to track real business conditions at high observation frequency

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Working Paper

Bayesian Estimation of Epidemiological Models: Methods, Causality, and Policy Trade-Offs

WP 21-18 – We present a general framework for Bayesian estimation and causality assessment in epidemiological models.


Working Paper

Factor Models with Local Factors—Determining the Number of Relevant Factors

WP 21-15 – We extend the theory on factor models by incorporating “local” factors into the model. Local factors affect only an unknown subset of the observed variables.

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Delaware’s Economic Recovery: A Work in Progress

Delaware State Chamber of Commerce 2021 Economic Outlook | Virtual Event