Adding the “Map Your Community” widget to your organization’s website couldn’t be easier. Just follow these simple directions and you’ll be ready to go:

  1. The box below contains the HTML code you’ll need to add the widget to your own web page. Click the button below to select all of the code and then copy it to your computer’s clipboard.
  2. Open up the web page on which the widget will reside in the HTML editor of your choice and navigate to the spot where the widget will go.
    Note: For HTML editors that can display both HTML and the visual representation of the web page, make sure you are in Code View. Adding the widget in Visual mode may have undesirable results.
  3. Paste the widget code into your web page and test normally.

If everything looks as it should, publish your page to your website, and you’re done!


or Cancel

The widget code has been copied. Paste the code into your own web page to begin using this widget.